Tuesday 140415


Clean – Work to a heavy single.  Use 80% of that weight and perform 2 Cleans on the minute for 10 minutes (1 from the floor and 1 from the hang).

From FuBarbell

Understanding positions during the pull is key to being able to execute a consistent movement pattern during the lift. This consistency over time allows the body to find efficiency and develops a solid foundation to the continue building up and advancing the snatch and clean.

A game I like to play with my athletes is ‘Simon Says’. The goal being whether or not they can reproduce each position I want to see with mechanical precision and no hesitation. Spending an extra 5 minutes prior to lifting priming these points will pay dividends come time to load up the bar and go.

Big thanks to Sterling for being a great model. These lifts were part of a live session we did during his visit from New York.

Consistency before intensity.

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