6 comments on “Wednesday 110727

  1. Beast Mode Wednesday. Kelly: 27:57 (4+ minute PR)

    Good luck to Seth on Beast Mode Thursday. It will be a scorcher.

  2. Beast Mode (Alt.): “Kelly”: 15:22 (DNF) – 3 rnds
    Anders, Nail, excellent job. Dusty, thanks for suffering with me.
    The heat was terrible. But that’s no excuse. I went out too fast (4min 1st rnd). That’s no excuse either. I’m still kicking myself for not finishing. I’ll tackle this one again some other time.

  3. Seth: I would hardly say I suffered with you. Really frustrated with my knee and box jumps! Don’t even know the time, but hardcore DNF for me too 1 full round, 400m run, 17 box jumps. Honestly though, I don’t know if I could have completed the WOD with a respectable time…hopefully my knee heals and I can go Beast Mode again soon.

  4. Seth and Dusty- yesterday’s heat was MUCH worse than Wednesday. I can’t blame you for not finishing. Seth, especially if Dusty tapped out early, it would have been tough to coax yourself into finishing alone.

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