4 comments on “Wednesday 111005

  1. Gator. (Not John Belushi’s Gator dance from Animal House, but rather…)

    8 rounds for time

    5 Front Squats (185lbs)
    26 Ring Push-ups

    36:30 ish. Don’t remember the exact time.

  2. “Gator” as well.


    Ring push-ups not quite as bad as expected. Paced them pretty well, maybe even a little too slow. Overall happy to get this one done as Rx’d. Here’s hoping the 200 push-ups in “Murph” feel a little easier after 208 of them on the rings.

  3. Did this Row/Press workout on Friday 111007. Used 85lbs.

    Got to my last set of presses at 11:15- took a very long time to complete the 20

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