Wednesday 120411


2 position Cleans (Above the Knee/From the Floor)
65%+10 lbs x2
70%+10 lbs x2
75% +10 lbs  x2
80%+10 lbs x2

Since you are “warm” complete 4 sets of 4 reps of FSquats at that 80%+10 lbs weight

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3 comments on “Wednesday 120411

  1. Started with snatch instead of clean, and since I’m avoiding squats, went with muscle snatches.

    115×2, 120×2, 125×2, 130×2

    Then did today’s main site WOD with Nail:

    Run 800, then 10 rounds of 10 pull-ups, 10 ring dips, then run 800 meters

    21:10 – That’s a lot of ring dips, and I need work on them. Paced it accordingly. Pull-ups all unbroken, runs each about 3:10.

  2. Ran earlier in the day so just worked on weighted pull-ups and jerk. Got up to 100# on jerk, failed at 105#.

  3. Cleans with Chelko. he warms up for cleans like i warm up for BSquats (132, 225 then work)..i am still sore.

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