Wednesday 120418

Here’s a oldie but a goodie¬†and pictures of KTF, CW and I completing the WOD WAY back int the day in the garage.

I think there was something wrong with the camera to make my ankels look so small!


400m run
25-65 lbs Thrusters
25-65 lbs SDHP*

400m run
25-20 lbs Wall Ball Shots

400m run
25-35 lbs KB Swings
25-Ab Mat Sit-ups

400m run
25-65 lbs OHS

*As you know, SDHP are not my favorite movement.  As such feel free to sup KB Swings for this movement.

Compare to:
TITANFIT: Wednesday 080416


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One comment on “Wednesday 120418

  1. Did the workout from Monday… 10 through 1 of C2B Pullups, Box Jumps (24″), GHD Sit Ups… 19:37.

    First time doing that many C2B pull ups in a WOD. Still doing them in singles, so need to try to start stringing them together. Ripped with only 3 left to go… always happens that way.

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