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Rough Workout? North Carolina Gym Adds ‘Air Napping’ Class to Exercise Routine

 If you snooze, you lose. Could this be the newest adage in the workout world?

We doubt it, but a nap does sound like a stellar idea after a grueling gym workout. And one North Carolina health club is taking that idea to the bank. Charlotte’s Flex-and-Fit has added a nap class to its daily routine.

But this nap isn’t as simple as resting your head for a few minutes. Getting into proper sleep position requires a bit of finagling into the silken cocoon-like hammock hanging from the ceiling.

Modeling her “exercise routine” after the nap rooms that she encountered in her former line of work as an attorney, Shama Patel helps nappers find the ideal position in their silky shell, easing them into a 25-minute power nap. Patel puts on soothing music to coax the snoozers into somnolence.

Curling up like a koala against a eucalyptus branch may take some skill, but nappers report that once they catch some z’s, it’s one of the best naps they’ve ever taken. I might have to get one for my home now,” said gym member Evan Panesis.

Then they’re free to head back to the treadmill – or to work. Yawn.

Nick Carbone is a reporter at TIME. Find him on Twitter at @nickcarbone

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  1. I’ve collapsed on the floor and pretty much passed out a couple of times at Titan Fit, is that the same thing?

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